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Hi guys, Brittany here! If you’ve read INFLUENCER, attended a conference, purchased a coaching session, or followed me on Instagram you know that I’m super dedicated to helping influencers become the best versions of themselves.

After many requests to start a podcast or host a retreat, I decided to offer monthly live coaching!

This is amazing Brittany, but how much is it? You guys already know that I want this information to be accessible, so live coaching is $49 per month.

During my live coaching I’ll be chatting for 60-minutes and covering the pillars of being a successful influencer: building your community, packaging your brand, monetizing your influence and planning your future. I’ll either be solo or a guest will join me. Either way it’s going to be a good time.

Not available during the live session? No worries, they’ll be available for you to watch whenever you need a pep talk.

If you join the All Access Plan you’ll also have access to goodies like past conference live streams, free VIP upgrades, tickets to special events and more.

If you have any questions check out the FAQs below. Still have questions? Feel free to email

If you’re ready to go you can sign up below. Let’s do this!