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Becoming a successful influencer is hard and you can’t do it alone.

But you’re in luck because you have Brittany Hennessy… the influencer whisperer.

You’re laughing, but is that really any worse that guru or maven? Plus, it’s true. #HumbleBrag. ::PrayerHands::

Brittany has worked with all of your favorite brands and all of your favorite influencers across fashion, beauty, travel, fitness, decor, food and more. And that helps her determine the most important thing that will make you successful: PATTERNS.



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One of the things no one tells you about being an influencer is how difficult it can be to stay motivated and consistent. Not to mention how lonely it is.

If we could hold each of your hands everyday, we would, but since we can’t we’ve got the next best thing: live coaching with Brittany Hennessy.

For one-hour each month, she’ll dive into the pillars of being an influencer: building your community, packaging your brand, monetizing your influencer, and planning your future. If you submit your questions beforehand, she’ll work them into that month’s talk.

Not available during the live session? You’ll be able to watch them all on-demand/whenever you need a boost.

Whether she’s solo or joined by a special guest, you’ll feel inspired, motivated and armed with the knowledge you need to tackle the next four weeks.

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