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The Influencer Business Plan is a 100-day program that will hold your hand and hold you accountable.

The course to end all courses. I’M IN.
— @lindsaysilberman


Of course you look great while doing it, but that’s just for the gram. Your reality looks much different.

When you’re not creating content, which let’s be serious feels like all the time, you’re trying to increase your follower count, pitch brands, and figure out if you’re too old to join TikTok.

When you break it down do you really spend most of your day:


Why did MARK have to change the algorithm? It was working so well.


Why can’t your favorite brands just make it EASY to find the right person to pitch?


Why do brands keep asking you to post for FREE when influencer marketing is a $1BILLION+ industry?


Why do other people who started at the SAME TIME seem so much FURTHER AHEAD?

2019 was supposed to be the year you secured the bag / leveled up / lived your best life and yet with less than 90 days to go…

Deep breath… Deep Breath… DEEP BREATH.

My name is Brittany Hennessy and I have a plan for that. 

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 What if there was a course that helped you:

+ Create content around all of your passions instead of forcing you to niche down?

+ Brings your target audience right to you instead of giving you games to play hoping someone will notice you?

+ Write killer bios, collab pages, and media kit copy that will make brands and the press excited to hear from you?

What if it also showed you how to:

+ Find the exact person you need to reach at a brand or media outlet AND gave you a library of outreach templates to choose from?

+ Diversify your revenue streams because you definitely should NOT have all your eggs in Mark’s basket?

+ Understand your fee structure and contract terms so well you can negotiate with confidence?

Let’s dream big - maybe it could also tell you:

+ Best practices for finding an agent, manager, publicist, and attorney?

+ When you’re ready to hire a team and what to put in the job description?

+ How to plan your future in this rapidly changing industry?

And while we’re here how about:

+ Creating a community where you can chat through the lessons with other influencers going through the course?

+ Giving you a free month of monthly coaching with Brittany Hennessy?

+ Finally solving the riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma that is influencer marketing?

You’re in luck.

This course can give you all of the above.

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The Spring session of the Influencer Business Plan will begin on January 1, 2020 and end on April 9, 2020.

The Influencer Business Plan consists of seven modules each taking one to three weeks to complete. We recommend reading Influencer: Building Your Personal Brand In The Age Of Social Media before beginning the course.

Click each topic to learn the awesomeness that will be covered.


*(Re)Discovering Your Purpose

  • Determine why you want to be an influencer and what you have to offer your community.

  • Identify the characteristics that will propel you forward and those that will hold you back.

  • Create your ideal target audience / consumer down to the smallest details.

*Creating Your Community

  • Create a website, blog, and social media channels that provide value.

  • Generate shareable content that will bring audiences to you.

  • Decide if a paid ad strategy will work in your favor.

*Establishing Your Expertise

  • Create your brand aesthetic and tone of voice.

  • Write killer social summaries, bios, and partnership pages.

  • Design an effective media kit and one-sheet.

*Raising Your Profile

  • Pitch podcasts hosts and journalists.

  • Land speaking gigs at conferences and industry events.

  • Barter with hotels and lifestyle brands to cultivate your image.

*Monetizing Your Brand

  • Generate revenue through affiliate links and ad networks.

  • Negotiate with confidence and redline contracts like a pro.

  • Create a product or service that will benefit your audience.

*Hiring Your Team

  • Find a manager, agent, publicist, or attorney.

  • Outsource tasks that take too long to accomplish.

  • Add your first team member.

*Building Your Future

  • Understand your TAXES.

  • Find financial options to help you expand.

  • Plan to quit your 9-5 job.




My name is Brittany Hennessy and I’m the best-selling author of “INFLUENCER: Building Your Personal Brand In The Age Of Social Media” and the co-founder of Carbon August: this lovely site you're on that helps talented people navigate the influencer marketing industry.

I was the first Senior Director, Influencer Strategy & Talent Partnerships at Hearst Magazines Digital Media where I secured fashion, beauty, fitness, decor, and food influencers for Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Esquire, Town & Country, Seventeen, Good Housekeeping, and more.

I was also the first Associate Director, Social Strategy & Influence at Horizon Media where I secured comedy and parenting influencers for top brands like Travel Channel, VTech, Food Network, Little Caesars, Culturelle, Lifetime, and Casa Noble.

Long bio short: I’ve worked with all of the major brands, hundreds of the top influencers (both as a booker and a coach), and know exactly how to help you get the results you’re looking for.

I’ve already given you a book, coaching, and events, but there’s so much more to share. So here’s my course!

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Actress / Spin Instructor / Lifestyle Influencer


Don't waste your time and coins on anyone else.

Yes, I said what I said.

I have purchased so many courses from countless influencers claiming to show you how to grow your following, pitch brands, increase your visibility, get you press, yada yada yada, and Brittany Hennessy's programs have been the ONLY programs to actually give me results.

She knows what she's talking about! She's actually hired influencers like you and me before and knows what brands are looking for! But you have got to be able & willing to put the work in.

This isn't a magic lamp - you can't just rub it and expect for your wishes to be granted BUT it is a roadmap... follow the directions and find yourself at the exact destination you wanted to be.

In less than 10 months I have:

+ created my blog

+ more than tripled my following on IG (over 10K followers)

+ booked 2 paid campaigns (one of which pays 4 figures) and am close to booking my 3rd

+ solidified press with a digital and print outlet

I started exactly where you are, with no idea on how to make this happen and a glimmer of hope of where/what my life could be if I did.

Do it. Leap. You won't regret it.

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This all sounds amazing but I have some questions…

Q: What exactly do I get in the Influencer Business Plan?

A: You’ll get access to a portal with videos, worksheets, and interviews with top creators in their fields. You’ll also receive access to the Facebook community and one free month of group coaching with Brittany Hennessy

Q: Why do I need to wait all the way until January 1st? And will I be able to go at my own pace?

A: We want everyone to start the course at the same time so you can all lean on and learn from each other. The course material will be dripped out over the 100 days to give you ample time to accomplish each task and share your experience with the group. We’re all in this together.

Q: What if I’m not happy with the course?

A: I’m slightly offended this is even a question, but I’ll bite. The IBP offers a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you complete modules one and two, participate in the Facebook group, and you’re still unhappy, you can contact us for a refund. All the nitty gritty details can be found on the Terms and Conditions page.

Have a question not listed? Email and we’ll answer it and get it up on the FAQs.